Funding Details


January 1, 1998

January 31, 2003

GACR Czech Science Foundation

5 255 000Kč

Jiří Sochor

In summary, we propose to set up a research laboratory of human-computer interactions. A large part of this Lab’s research will be devoted to the virtual reality paradigm, where the computer is made as much subservient to human skills, needs and real- world training as possible. We will extend our current and seek new VR applications in industry (engineering design, manufacturing ), science(e.g., study of complex chemical reactins), architecture, medicine, sports, education and arts. The laboratory will be an outgrowth of several current and past research and educational efforts – a successful visualization system in computational chemistry, a see-through augmented reality sports and arts biofeedback systém, a student computer-graphic laboratory, and technical contacts with and visits from accomplished researchers, developers, and educators in this field from overseas. The initial Lab setup costs are estimated to 16 600 000 Kč, of which 5 255 000 Kč is the request from Grant agency – 3 149 000 Kč