Funding Details

MSM 143300003

January 1, 1999

December 31, 2004

Czech Ministy of Education, Youth and Sports

Jiří Sochor

The aim of research proposal is an integrated approach to HCI. In this framework the main task is to combine techniques developed in the VR field with the techniques built in NLP and dialogue systems area. Special attention will be paid to the assistive technologies (directed to the improvement of life standards and support of handicapped). The combination of the research in VR,NLP,DGS field using both written and spoken natural language will yield a number of new research results and will contribute to the society. In this regard reasonable impact of the results in the international forum can be expected. FI MU is well prepared for the proposed research in the mentioned areas both with regard to the equipment (Virtual reality Lab, Natural Language Processing Lab and Acoustic and Phonetics Lab) and also personnel. It belongs to the leading institution in Czech Republic in this field.