Funding Details


January 1, 2005

December 31, 2005


€44,000 (1,121,000 CZK)

Jiří Sochor

The aim of the project is to link high-speed networks with several data streams of 2 workplaces focused on the research of computer graphics and virtual reality and to integrate “local virtual worlds” into one unit. Spatial images presented on large wall stereo projection walls will be transmitted between the two remote workplaces and combined into a shared virtual environment.

Image data will be composed of both the generated image data and the real-world data captured by camera systems, both in stereo formats. The project verifies proposed solutions, latency problems, and synchronization of stereoscopy from several independent remote sources. Part of the research will include methods of remote interaction and collaborative techniques between the workplace.

Created applications and gained experience will be shared with the academia as open-source software and scientific publications. This project is done in collaboration with University of West Bohemia.