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This page contains the information about ongoing projects at HCI lab. Click on the project name to see more information.

Current projects

Scr5.png CAVER – Protein Analysis and Visualization

Responsible persons: Barbora Kozlíková, Jan Byška, Adam Jurčík, Antonín Pavelka

Fidentis.jpg FIDENTIS – Forensic Facial Identification System

Responsible person: Zuzana Ferková

[Brain-Computer Interfaces]

Responsible person: Fotis Liarokapis

Older projects

Logo newron 100px.png

Therapeutic software for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Responsible persons: Jiří Chmelík, Barbora Kozlíková

Vrecko logo.png - The Virtual Reality System

Responsible person: Jiří Chmelík

Shaded powerplant0.png NTrace - GPU Raytracing

Responsible person: Marek Vinkler

CMalloc.png CMalloc - Dynamic Memory Allocation on GPU

Responsible person: Marek Vinkler

Tetrahedra.png Continuous collision detection for haptic feedback

Responsible person: Jan Čejka

Somatoskopie.jpg Facial Features Catalogue

Responsible person: Igor Chalás

Buildings gen.png Computer-Generated World

Project.png Car Simulation in Urban Environment

Project.png Visualization of large FEM models

Cpg.gif Center for Computer Graphics - Grant LC-06008

Spatial orientation.gif Spatial Orientation in Buildings - using models with Haptic Feedback

Aided caligraphy.jpg Education Application for Calligraphy Using HCI devices

3Ddrawing.png Conceptual Drawing in 3D

Garden.jpg Virtual Garden

Bubbles.jpg Simulation of Bubble Cracking on the ReachIn device

Project.png Shared Virtual Worlds

Project.png Point-Based Haptic Rendering

Project.png PHYSICON - The physical engine.